Today I finally sat down and read the situation around Covid-19 returning to NZ and as new details were released more and more today I became more and more angry, heartbroken and disgusted. While I have never been a supporter of this Labour Government I trusted them to the extent that they would do their best to keep NZ as covid free as they could. But they have failed us. We trusted them, Put our livelihoods, our jobs, our homes and our mental health on the line to end Covid and for the large part NZ did a remarkable job in “breaking the chain”.

But that seems to have been all but destroyed in the last couple of days. The stench of incompetence that permeate’s this Government was on full display. New Zealand did not let the Government down when they needed us but they have let New Zealand down. From allowing two people with Covid to go untested and un-quarantined in their drive from Auckland to Wellington where they came into close contact with others. Allowing a birthday party at a Hotel with close contact between adults and children from different countries, flights and arriving on different days. 10 people that were supposed to be in Quarantine attending a funeral. Another traveler going to a gathering with 40 other people. Six people just disappearing from Quarantine.

The checks and balances they we expected the Government to have, Things as common sense as negative test results before leaving quarantine, tests at the border. Simple things that would keep New Zealanders safe from transmission of Covid. The Government has let down and spat in the face of everyone who worked so hard to rid New Zealand of Covid by not doing the basic things right. These are things New Zealanders will not forget and I hope they don’t forget before September 19th.