Jack Grealish has chosen money and meaningless silverware over a statue outside Villa Park and a never ending legacy as one of Aston Villa’s greatest players ever. I’m still coming to terms with how I feel. But I’m almost just as angry as I am sad.

Grealish really spurred my…

  1. Chelsea
  2. Man City
  3. Man United
  4. Leicester City
  5. Aston Villa
  6. Liverpool
  7. Everton
  8. Spurs
  9. West Ham
  10. Arsenal
  11. Brentford
  12. Leeds
  13. Norwich
  14. Southampton
  15. Crystal Palace
  16. Watford
  17. Burnley
  18. Newcastle
  19. Wolves
  20. Brighton

One of my favorite games that I played in what I’d consider the 2020 period, I found a lot of enjoyment with Fallen Order and I thought I would express my views on the game and where I think it should go from here for the sequel that is currently…

Spoilers below.

Finally sitting down and writing something up for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. My personal overall game of the year. This might be long and rambly, But I think the context of the game excuses it. As Darby McDevitt, The Narrative Director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Valhalla is “a decentralized…

Having freshly finished TLOU2 I thought I would quickly scribble down my thoughts on the game and do a mini review of what I thought of the experience. Overall I thought it was a largely enjoyable experience with some groan worthy moments and excruciatingly long and boring second half.


Today I finally sat down and read the situation around Covid-19 returning to NZ and as new details were released more and more today I became more and more angry, heartbroken and disgusted. While I have never been a supporter of this Labour Government I trusted them to the extent…

Jacob Gould

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